Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking That First Step

A wise woman once said that the first step is always the hardest to take. It isn’t in deciding that your energy is spent and anxiety fills you, because anyone can just say, “I’ll start dieting now,” which can easily turn to “I’ll start dieting tomorrow.” It's easy to say “I’ll begin my project when I have the time,”  and end up either postponing it indefinitely or not doing it all.

Rather, it’s when you actually do it – that is what’s difficult.

Writing was a favorite past time. I used to keep a journal (puhleeeeze!!! I prefer “journal” over “diary” for obvious reasons) back in high school up to college. It helped me practice my (conversational) English. To keep the thoughts flowing, I would always pretend that my journal as someone who could speak but chose to "listen instead. I’d imagine the replies that my journal would most likely make, and respond to those in writing. You should have read my journal. There might have been a few grammar lapses, but I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed reading my entries.

But doing a blog is different. One has to maintain a steady flow of entries to have regular followers. But what if I am not inspired to write for a day? Three days? What if I haven’t something good to offer my readers after two weeks or even a month? (I wonder how bloggers are able to post everyday?)

Also, you expose your thoughts for everyone to read and analyze, and comment on. Some might agree with you, more will criticize you. Not everyone will share your sentiments, hence the possibility of being unpopular, or even disliked.

And it’s these things that are making my first step to blogging difficult, even scary. I mean, who would want to be unpopular? Disliked? Who would want to be told that your opinions are totally absurd, or your entry is full of nonsense? I certainly wouldn’t.

So why am I starting a blog?

I don’t know. Maybe I want to go back to practicing my (conversational) English. Maybe I want to join the bandwagon. Maybe I just happen to have so much freakin’ time on my hands that blogging will help me keep my sanity. 


So to heck with all these what if’s. I am definitely taking my first step.